Elgin City Status Meeting, October 26th 2021

elgin city insignia

Alastair Kennedy, Steve Christie, Jim Wiseman, Edward Wallace, Richard Dyce, Gemma Cruickshank (Elgin BID)


  1. AK discussed getting support for the City Status Bid from other organisations within Elgin.
  2. There was a general discussion led by JW, AK, to identify an initial list of possible organisations and people to contact. Given the requirements of the bid, there was an initial focus on entities with Royal links. Large local employers were also discussed. An initial list (to emend) was as follows:
    • Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere
    • Rotary Club
    • Diageo
    • Johnstons
    • Gordon & MacPhail
    • Elgin Museum
    • Moray Society
    • Gordonstoun: Principal, Lisa Kerr
    • British Legion
    • Seaforth Club
    • Local Schools
    • Local Military bases – (David Alan?)
    • Innes House
  3. There was a discussion of the letter to send to these organisations. RD agreed to provide a first draft and circulate it to CC Members.
  4. GC offered to send out the finalised letter to Elgin BID Members.
  5. There was a discussion of the two possible approaches the bid should take:
    • EW raised the benefits to the local community of City status, including boost to local business morale, and the possibilities of funding strategies available to cities, and
    • EW raised the justice element of returning the City status to Elgin after it was removed in the 1970’s, and the alignment of outside understanding with the local people’s understanding that Elgin is already a city (e.g. Elgin City FC etc.)
  6. GC noted that photos were available of local landmarks, showing community involvement.
  7. There was a brief discussion of getting general email addresses for CC Members and other contacts set up.


  1. RD to draft letter, and email to CC Members for emending.
  2. GC offered to send finalised letter to Elgin businesses.
  3. All members to identify appropriate contacts within local organisations to contact with finalised letter.