Monthly Minutes, November 9th 2021

Alastair Kennedy, Eddie Wallace, Jim Wiseman, Graham Jarvis, Paul Briggs, Gordie Wells, Richard Dyce, Douglas Clark, Steve Christie, Hazel Lawson, Councillor Graham Leadbitter, Councillor John Divers
Councillor John Divers (late arrival), David Chapman (Associate)
Councillor Frank Brown, Councillor Paula Coy, Councillor Maria McLean, Councillor Ray McLean, George P Littlejohn (Associate)


  1. Welcome & Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting
    1. Meeting before last: GW Proposed, SC Seconded
    2. Last meeting: EW Proposed, GJ Seconded
  3. Matters arising
    1. Development Trust & Website – already on agenda
  4. Constitution (to be signed)
    1. AK will identify changes that were made, and circulate to members.
  5. City status
    1. RD asked who is responsible for submission. AK disappointed in council response. RD asked if Moray Council can contact Perth / Inverness re their recent successful bids. GJ suggested that Roddy Burns should ask for copies. EW wondered if Moray Council actually interested. DC was concerned about submission deadline. He believed that Dumfries and Dunfermline have already submitted applications. GL noted that Council staff may be involved in growth deal. GL to ask Roddy Burns.
  6. Remembrance Sunday
    1. PB will lay wreath at New Elgin memorial.
    2. GW lay wreath at Elgin memorial.
  7. Update from elected members:
    1. Full council meeting will be held on 10/11/22.
    2. GL went to COP26 this week. Had discussions with SSEN re planning changes needed for accessible communal charging points.
    3. GL noted that the Growth Deal should be finished by Christmas.
    4. GL noted that Ocean Winds “Moray West” wind farm, if successful would be based in Buckie Harbour, bringing supply-chain work to Moray.
    5. GL noted Scotia Gas networks on-going work
    6. GL noted that a Community Wealth Building Officer has been appointed; they should help in applications for Levelling up funds.
  8. Licensing
    1. Planning & Licensing contact role: SC to take on role.
    2. 21/01586/PREVMA Badenoch’s: SC to look at application, and get back to Community Council.
  9. Queen’s Canopy
    AK mentioned possibility of getting trees part of proposed Cooper Park Avenue. Awaiting email from Helen Moore email. PB suggested planting fruit trees.
  10. JCC meeting (Thursday 11th Nov in Town Hall)
    Several members said they would be attending.
  11. Website
    Not yet published. JW to send details to RD.
  12. Development trust
    DC – Brian Irvin had been going to take the lead, but it was now stalled for various reasons. DC and GW said they had planned to help. DC – Lossiemouth has been successful in getting funding. PB was keen not to dismiss a Development Trust completely. PB will speak Gordon Rudderman.
  13. Memorial to Jimmy McLean
    AK – This was raised by Molly Walsh, and discussed with Ellie Webster, but Moray Council were not keen on a bench in the city center. JW – appropriate memorial should be considered, including it in the CCC – QR codes history. AK – suggests a plaque.
  14. AOCB
    1. DC wondered if Police & Bus reports had been dropped. AK explained they had been missed due to lack of agenda meeting last week.
    2. AK attended a meeting on review of community council.
    3. There was general discussion as to whether we needed an AGM.
    4. SC is awaiting Deloitte feedback on bank accounts. SC will send members a financial report shortly.
    5. GJ raised the issue of parking in Elgin centre. JD explained that this was a police issue, and not a Council issue. It was felt that some Shop owners were exacerbating the issue. SC suggested that Gemma Cruickshank be asked to look into it. JW mentioned that there had been a consultation on Access in the city centre. RD asked if it would help to get press involvement. JD said that there had been press about it in the last 6 weeks. AK noted that the Police Area Commander will be at JCC meeting. HL happy to raise any safety campaigns in the press. AK to email police to attend next ECC meeting.
  15. Date of next meeting
    14th December