Elgin City Status Meeting, November 22nd 2021

elgin city insignia

Alastair Kennedy, Eddie Wallace, Jim Wiseman, Steve Christie, Michael Urquhart, Seymour Monro, Jim Royan, Karen Delaney, Graham Leadbitter


  1. AK thanked KD for her help over the weekend
  2. JR asked if CCC document would be useful. JR to send to AK/KD
  3. AK in touch with Alastair Campbell
  4. KD in touch with Stacey Toner & Jackie Andrews from Moray College, and had details from Elgin Youth Cafe.
  5. Music societies were discussed: Cantari, MU mentioned Moray Concert brass and Saturday orchestras.
  6. SM concerned with getting the summary into 500 words. RD offered to help KD with editing & layout.
  7. JR asked about including links to RAF & Army barracks. RD pointed out military personnel quartered in Little Canada & Bishop Mill as valid reason for inclusion.
  8. AK mentioned tourist visitor numbers to Elgin.
  9. RD suggested including growth figures: Glass Green, Findrassie, etc. expansions. SM was keen to highlight scale and influence of Elgin on Moray.
  10. KD agreed that Lantern of the North was a good strap line.
  11. GL was keen to highlight the Duke of Edinburgh’s legacy, and thought it would play well with Cabinet Office. SM agreed, and raised long history of the award in Elgin.
  12. There was a discussion of the local cultural endeavours. RD mentioned the Out Of Darkness Theatre.
  13. Sourcing quotes was discussed. MU raised prospect of quote from Earl of Elgin, or possibly the Earl of Moray. SM / AK to draft a quote. MU to contact Earl of Elgin. Quote from Heather Standing or similar young sports person would be useful. GL will get quotes from MP, MSP, and civic leaders. KD suggests that document should start with letter from SM, and finish with quote from Earl of Elgin. GL keen to include quotes from young people.
  14. RD suggested including details of Fiona Elphick center. KD was keen to include details of Covid Reponse within Elgin.
  15. MU raised the importance of commerce within Elgin. Companies with Royal Awards including Gordon MacPhail, Johnston. Hendry Hydraulics, Hunted Cow, JM mentioned Hendry hydroaulic rams used in NY.
  16. SM mentioned the proposed Aeronautical College by RAF Lossiemouth.
  17. KD discussed photos, and layout. JR St Giles church video.
  18. AK asked about GDPR. RD will email Nortern Scot re photos and report.
  19. Next meeting 29th Mon.