About Elgin

Elgin from the air

Elgin is a great place to live, work and visit!

Get here by train, bus, car or bike and you’ll find that it has everything you need from a wide range of accommodation both in and out of town, to shopping experiences at the retail parks and in the town centre. In town you can explore shops in the St Giles Centre, on the High Street, up Batchen Street and along South Street and perhaps stop off for a coffee or lunch at one of the cafes. Then you can enjoy a walk around Cooper Park where there is a library, bowling green, tennis courts, a play park and a pond. From there you can visit Elgin Cathedral which is one of our historic monuments. As you go around the town centre enjoy the historical architecture as the backdrop to your journey.

Nothing is very far away and it is all accessible. Walking and cycling is a great way to get about town and it keeps your carbon footprint down. If you travelling to Elgin by train you arrive near the Edgar Road Retail Parks to the south of the railway which is where the big shops are! You can walk to the town centre which is 800m away, North, via Moss Street. If you arrive by bus you will land at the St Giles Centre which has great shops, food outlets. The St Giles Shopping Centre is your gateway from the bus station to Elgin town centre where you find a mixture of national and local shop brands; not just on the High Street, but also up Batchen Street and along South Street.

Elgin Town Centre is only about a mile long taking the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere route from the view point over Elgin at the top of Lady Hill (with the castle buried underneath), eastward along the High Street through the town centre, past St Giles Church, walk to the left of the imposing building facing you at the end of the High Street, cross the busy road and continue along the southern edge of the Cooper Park to Elgin Cathedral finishing at Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Mill Shop and Cafe.

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