Monthly Meeting, 12th December 2023

Tuesday 12th December 2023 at Elgin Town Hall

CC: Alastair Kennedy (chair), Brian Irvine (vice chair), Steve Christie (treasurer), David Chapman, Joyce Bremner, Alison Stockley, Katherine Bowditch,  Richard Dyce, Jim Talbot, Kian Wynn, Gordon Ruddiman (CSU)

Cllr’s: Peter Bloomfield, Amber Dunbar, John Divers, Sandy Keith, Graham Leadbitter

Press: Hazel Lawson

Apologies: Douglas Clark, James Wiseman, Graham Jarvis, Jeremie Fernandes

Alastair opened the meeting and welcome all present

Police ScotlandNo representative available
StagecoachNo representative available
MinutesWe require a minute taker, (training available) An honorarium is available (payment/set of minutes produced) Names to Alastair pleaseALL
3.Previous minutesProposed: Brian Irvine

Seconder: Alison Stockley

Matters arising
Alastair has spoken with members of the transport forum regarding meeting dates.
6. FinanceThe grant payment has been received into our account.

As the resilience group is now a sub group of the CC, the treasurer will accept funding payments on their behalf these will be allocated to a sub account with no direct access.

The JCC have formed a temporary sub-group to look at the funding of CC’s. It is possible that some of the larger groups may take a financial cut to ensure even distribution of funds. Anyone interested in joining this sub-group? Names to Alastair

7. ParkingA poll conducted on Facebook attracted 31 respondents of which 53% expressed a view that both wardens and bollards is their preferred option. The poll is to be re-run in the new year. David from the Press & Journal spent a day as a “would be” warden, re reported that during that time he estimated that he could have issued tickets to the value of £10,000. 

A discussion regarding wardens and the recently introduced fines for parking on footpaths was held, this will be back on our agenda next year.
Info – send to Nicola Moss

Agenda setting
9. PlanningGlen Moray – LPG tank – no concerns

New cemetery – consultation now closed
10. EducationMeeting – hopefully convened in the new year.Joyce
11. MediaBrian explained that as Richard is ‘snowed under’ with work – we will make use of the existing website – he will liaise with Richard and get access etc arrangedBrian, Richard
12. ResilienceBrian – fresh start for this group planned for new year, Additional funding is available for resilience groups to tap into.

There was discussion as to what may be acquired such as grit-bins.

An explanation as to what weather warnings mean was spoken about.

Elgin Cathedral 800 years
Elgin Cathedral is 800 years old in 2024 – we are to find out as to what celebrations are planned.

Light up the Cathedral – it was agreed to bring this previous topic back to the table and to set up a sub-group to have a fresh look at it and contact Historic Scotland.
Steve, Brian, Joyce, Alison

Elgin Museum
Elgin Museum is to undergo a major makeover, it was agreed to invite a representative along and give us an updateAgenda setting

Elgin Town Hall
The Town Hall is also to undergo a major redevelopment – there have already been some information gathering sessions held.

St Giles Church
It was recently confirmed by the Church of Scotland that St Giles is to close, and that St Columbus is to be Elgin Parish Church. There was some discussion regarding possible uses for the building, – link suggested by Jim Talbot

Elected members
Amber – Consultation – housing – rent setting.

Peter – Recent visit to the new was incinerator in Aberdeen plus the hydrogen plants which provide fuel for much of Aberdeen City Council – fleet vehicles. Moray is unfortunately lagging behind in investing in this technology.

Sandy – Strategic Housing Investment – consultation

Park free on Saturday (Elgin town centre) funded via Elgin Common Good Fund – 4 days = £17k

Brewery Bridge – work to clear the build up of silt is imminent.
18. A.O.C.BJim Talbot – Seagulls – already looking to establish roots – early intervention required to prevent nesting etc.

John Divers – indicated that plans are underway to upgrade, increase and reposition – sonic sound machines.

Alastair – during a recent discussion at the JCC – the subject of elected member attendance at CC meetings was mentioned – Alastair had praised the six members from Elgin who have continuously supported and attended Elgin CC.

Graham L  –  a constituent had spoken to Graham regarding the use of coaches on town routes such as the 33 A/C rather than the low-liner buses. Can we during our conversations with John Cryan (Stagecoach) mention this?

Joyce – the post office (Batchen Street) is often closed is there anything that can be done as this is a vital service for many.

Asylum seekers – are there still the same number of asylum seekers at the Eight Acres (NO 38 / down from 50)

Will the E A ever go back to being a hotel – unknown but unlikely whilst owners are on guaranteed payment for housing migrants.
CC, John Cryan ?
Alastair wished all present, the compliments of the season, and looks forward to meeting them next year.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 9th January @ 7pm in Elgin Town Hall