Monthly Meeting, 13th December 2022

Note of the meeting of ECC held on in The Lounge, Elgin Town Hall at 7.00 pm

In attendance:

Alison Stockley, Alastair Kennedy, Steve Christie James Wiseman, David Chapman (Associate), Graham Jarvis
Gordon Ruddiman (CSU) Hazel Lawson, Councillor Peter Bloomfield, Councillor Sandy Keith, Councillor Amber Dunbar, PC Jamie Dey, Major Nick Hanover (Salvation Army), Alistair Pattison (Hospital Manager)


Brian Irvine, Douglas Clark, Richard Dyce, Neil Alexander, Joyce Bremner, Katherine Bowditch, Councillor Graham Leadbitter, Councillor Jeremie Fernandez.

The chair opened the meeting and explained that as it was the last meeting of the year there would be presentations from the police followed by Alistair Pattison then Major Nick Hanover. That would be followed by a very short business meeting after which the meeting would break up for refreshments and a social time.

Community Police Officer Jamie Dey spoke to the Community Safety bulletin with further explanations on some of the current problems faced by Police Scotland including youth behaviour and parking within the streets of Elgin.

Alistair Pattison then gave a comprehensive presentation on the future of Dr Greys, the work that is ongoing to ensure the hospital has a robust future and some of the problems faced in recruiting various professionals to work locally. He told the meeting there are now 6 orthopaedic surgeons in place which was helpful as the orthopaedic waiting list is very high. Work is ongoing following the problems that occurred with the drainage and the opportunity is being taken to upgrade the wards affected. Another anaesthetician is required and finding an Acute Physician is problematic. There followed a Q & A session which was also very informative. Alistair wishes to retain contact as part of the required engagement on NHS services, especially those provided by Dr Greys and he will return early next year. The survey that was circulated about Dr Greys is still open, so members are encouraged to comment.

Major Nick Hanover gave a presentation on his experience of resilience which was mainly about resilience in people. In the absence of Brian Irvine who has been working on resilience, the chair invited Gordon Ruddiman to participate in the discussion as he had organised the first resilience meeting in Elgin. Both agreed the partnership involved was positive. (Members can access the minute of the resilience meeting by contacting  Alastair Kennedy or Brian Irvine)

Following the presentations the business part of the meeting was undertaken.

Ratification of the previous minute was requested, proposed by Graham Jarvis and seconded by Steven Christie.

Any “matters arising” will be picked up in January.

Alastair Kennedy gave a brief update on the Tug o’War situation and explained he was still awaiting a response from Moray College UHI about the possible use of the local student accommodation for visitors on that weekend.

The next meeting of the Moray Transport Forum has been postponed until 31st January 2023.  The JCC had agreed in principle to have the forum as a sub-group subject to suitable terms of reference and these will be available at the meeting on 31st January.

The Just Transition PB exercise had gone well to date with 31 applications for in excess of £950k. The vote remains open until Monday 19th November and members were encouraged to vote to help ensure the same thing happens next year.

Councillor Sandy Keith explained to the meeting about the work that has gone on within Moray Council on helping the public with the cost of living crisis including funding being targeted at the appropriate groups and also to create “warm spaces”.

The next meeting will take place in the same venue and time on January 10th 2023.

As there was no further business the meeting was closed.