Monthly Meeting, 18th April 2023

Time: April 18th, 2023 7:00PM
Town Hall, Elgin

Alastair Kennedy
Steve Christie
Brian Irvine
James Wiseman
David Chapman
Graham Jarvis
Hazel Lawson
Katherine Bowditch
Neil Alexander
Alison Stockley
Richard Dyce
Councillor Amber Dunbar
Councillor Graham Leadbitter
Councillor John Divers
Councillor Sandy Keith
Alastair Murdoch

Joyce Bremner
Douglas Clark
Councillor Peter Bloomfield
Councillor Jérémie Fernandes



  1. Welcome & Apologies
    1. Prop: SC Sec: BI
  2. Police Report – Police contacts were unable to attend
  3. Minutes of last meeting
    JD wanted to update minuets to acknowledegd that the Sonic Devices were 11 in total: 8 from the Common Good Fund, 2 from Elgin Bid, and 1 funded by Glen Moray
  4. Matters arising
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Transport Forum
      1. DC set out thoughts. AK asked if Nicola Moss, Head of Environmental & Commercial Services – and therefore Bus Revolution – was at the meeting? DC No. AK Community Tranport were trying to get the to work with them. DC noted that DialM is being renamed M’Connect, and will run 8am to 8pm. Next meeting will be in June, date to be confirmed. AK noted that there was a Community Transport event in next couple of weeks. AK asked about the turnout at the meeting? DC thought there were roughly 8 attendees.
    2. Planning
      1. JW noted an he’d received an invitation to oversite group for locality planning. The organiser had been in touch with JW.
    3. Education
      1. GJ Nothing to report.
    4. Media & Engagement Strategy – JW
      1. BI explained that Templates for quarterly newsletter were in progress, and they were looking for content ideas. AK asked if this could be delivered electronically? BI agreed that they could, and that they can also be posted to notice boards. AK reminded the committee that we used to have use of the Council Building noticeboars, and that Gordon Ruddiman has noticeboards for the Resilience initiative in local shops.
  6. Parking Update
    1. GJ attended a meeting last Wednesday, between the Chamber of Commerce, The Local Tourism Office, the Police, the Moray College, the Transport Forum, local Councillors, and Council Officials. It was a lively 90minute meeting, but not one for making decisions apparently. Enforcement on parking was raised, and there were suggestions that the best approach was to be found in “changing people’s behaviour”. The meerting had asked for review of signage: the Police have no resources, and the Council has no money. JW asked if a tangible list of views was taken? JD noted that there was an officer on each table, and the 3 main points from each table were collected. JW noted that th Grant Lodge report was well done in terms of capturing views. JW wondered how much work as been done on education? He felt that enforcement, education, and environmental cues are the three points. AK noted that education about litter has been going from a while, with little effect. JD was clear that if it is cheaper to take a ticket than pay the parking, then people will take the ticket. GL noted that Council tickets are more expensive than Police tickets. AD noted that there had been an out-of-the-box suggestion to make the Plainstones a car park, in order to allow the Council to enforce higher fines. JD highlighted that the idea was to make it Disable parking only, as it had been originally. GJ was clear that these parking bays were removed due accidents at slow speed. GJ made the point that it can take 9 months to enact a traffic order, and that this might be in place after Poundland completes the work blocking North St. GJ noted that loading and uploading may be banned in that area. JW reminded the Committee about the Obstruction rule on the Highway. AK asked if there was any point in changing car park fees? BI changing the Cooper Park parking requirements for the Park Run on Sunday Morning, removing the car parks fine. JD pointed out that every group would want to be a special case then. AK asked why was car parking not free in Elgin? JD noted that car parks would be full of workers in central Elgin. RD wondered if the car parks could not be opened later, so that workers arriving before 9am would need to plan to park elsewhere, encouraging shoppers use of the carparks instead? GJ pointed out that parking in Elgin raised 800k in revenue. RD asked why if it was a profit issue, was free in all other Moray Towns? AK asked who will get sight of the minuets of the meeting GJ attended? GJ will pass the minuets to RD.
  7. Resilience & Phone – BI
    1. A meeting had been held the previous evening. There would be joint training with the Hub. Other types of training were being offered from other groups (Coastguard etc). There was a plan to get involved at the Blue Light event at UHI – an open night to encourage volunteers from general public. BI was in investigating funding. They were also looking for alternative sources for kit (e.g. DofE). They were asking community ECC to fund a mobile phone. AK asked if that included a SIM card and phone contract? RD wondered if sponsorship was a possibility? SC noted that some are SIM cards are now contract free. RD proposed we buy a phone. SC seconded. BI noted that Rhona was printing of leaflets for every house. RD asked if these were different for Elgin? BI said that th plan is all households in Elgin.
  8. Moray Transport Forum
    1. There was a proposal to ask for £100 from each Community Council. AK wondered what happened to the money they had already from the ECC?
  9. Tug O’War – AK
    1. AK Had received official notice that it’s coming to Elgin. Events Coordination Group were looking at the proposal. SK noted that MacMoray had worked with the ECG successfully. AK enjoyed the tone of the email. AK was keen to stress that this was not his event. HL noted the dates: 12th -13th August.
  10. Use of Licencing – Training
    1. AK asked if the could at some training on Licencing, and also Defibrillators. RD asked about the source of such training. SC to speak to CCLO. JW noted that it used to be part of HSE First Aid at Work. DC had training on it in the past at Youth Cafe. AK to ask Sandra.
  11. Lighting in Fife Arms Close – SC
    1. SC noted that we were waiting for the Bill. SC wondered if it was worth the money. RD discussed the costs of lighging for the Action For Children building. AK wondered if the lighting was being extended to other closes. SC said that that had been the plan, but that theriginal lighting still in place. The ECC second account has been re-opened.
  12. Moray Park Run – Parking Fees had been raised. The answer from the Councillors was this was likely to be a No”, as it would set a precedent.
  13. Elgin Locality Meeting – 27th April 2pm, Room 1, Southfield. AK noted that there were two similarly name plans going on the at the same time. BI said that the 27th is the NHS Locality Plan. RD wonreder if we heard back from Simon Bokor-Ingram. JD said we had not. AK asked about the average age of the Local Councillors? AD noted that across Scotland it was 54. The youngest Moray Councillor is Ben Williams, 21.
  14. Elected members update
    1. GJ – Easter Holidays have meant no recent Council Meetings, and noted that more councillors have young children.
    2. AD – Noted that a new committee cycle starting. The parking meeting had already been discussed.
    3. JD – Noted that an Education meeting was planned for the next day.
    4. SK – Councillors had had briefings regarding the Growth Deal. AK felt that there was poor engagement with the Public regarding the Growth Deal. GJ said that it was a commerically sensitive 10 year investment programme. JW noted that there had been two events – one concerning the Town Hall, and one concerning Grant Lodge. There had been an opportunity to vote on ideas, e.g. use as an Hotel. GJ noted that there had been lots of engagement with Town Hall.
  15. AOCB
    1. GJ attended Findrassie Forum. Plans for improvement junction Lossie Road, & North St. Improvement Westburn Rd & Lossie Rd not currently happening. JD there will be a staged plan. Amber Planning meeting level traffic being. RD budgets. GJ asked if monitoring done after Budgens. DC prospective scheme. Might be altered once scheme is completed. SK – should be in before houses being built. Amber has had complaint about timings of lightings.
    2. RD again the issue of the Co-options forms. Please could co-optees return them. They are avaialble on the Moray Council website.
    3. DC noted new contact details for Stagecoach. RD will add them to the agenda mailing list.
  16. Date of Next Meeting
    1. May 9th, 2023