Monthly Meeting, 21st March 2023

Minute of ECC meeting 21st March 2023

Alastair Kennedy, chair, opened the meeting at 7.00 pm and welcomed everybody.

Apologies were noted from Alison Stockley, Richard Dyce, Catherine Bowditch, Hazel Lawson and Graham Leadbitter.

Police update – a comprehensive update was given by Inspector Neil Morrison on police activity in Elgin from his monthly Safety report which he will distribute later. He then explained about drug dealers coming to the area to groom youngsters but also because drugs are more expensive here that in the big cities.

Graham Jarvis thanked Neil on behalf of ECC for the work the police are doing on anti-social driving.

Minute of last meeting. The minute was proposed as accurate by Graham Jarvis and seconded by Steven Christie.

Further to the police report on parking and how they are dealing with parking problems Alastair Kennedy reminded the meeting that it had previously been stated that Moray was the only Local Authority area without traffic wardens. This is incorrect and there are 7 – 9 areas with no wardens. These are the smaller areas making wardens less affordable.

John Divers stated there will be a car parking meeting hoisted by Moray Council on 12th April and further information will be forthcoming. ECC will be invited to attend and the meeting will take place in Elgin Library at 10.00 am.

Committee reports.

Transport – Alastair Kennedy reported that at the last JCC meeting the Moray Transport Forum was agreed as a sub-group of the JCC. Since then there has been one virtual meeting (due to weather conditions). Marion Ross, Speyside CC is chair. There was a presentation from Bus Revolution. Any member who is interested should attend to find out more and if it`s of interest to them.

Planning – James Wiseman explained about how the Local Development Plan is being delivered differently from previous years and suggested that an extra meeting is required to pull together ideas for the Locality Plan meeting (which is part of the Local Development Plan delivery). It was suggested that Gary Templeton and his team be invited to a discussion on that subject.

SEPA consultation – James Wiseman suggested that ECC forget this as SEPA are not giving adequate time for the consultation.

Education – Both Graham Jarvis and Joyce Bremner are planning visits to both secondary schools to get young people interested in what ECC does. This will be done after the exams.

Media – James Wiseman gave an update on identifying articles to be put out. We need to get articles written up about the meetings and what was discussed. He further commented that a bit of autonomy would be required to produce this news which could be sent out on social media etc. An email hac been received from our Elgin associate member on the possibility of a notice board being erected outside her garden on a piece of waste ground which she would look after and update. The costs of the notice board was around £850. A vote was held and the proposal was rejected.

Resilience – Brian Irvine gave an update on the latest meeting and how things were progressing. There has been a slight setback as the Scout Hall which was to be the main hub is no longer available due to the refusal of the Masonic Lodge. An approach has been made to Elgin Town Hall to undertake the role and a decision from the board is awaited.

Gulls – John Divers updated the meeting that 8 sonic devices were to be installed round Elgin. Elgin BID were funding 2 whilst the others would be funded by Elgin Common Good fund. Also, an application is being made to NatureScot for the use of 2 hawks to help control the gulls. Sandy Keith reported that anti-gull bins were being distributed around the town. Brian Irvine reported that he had received an update from the company fitting the devices that GlenMoray distillery are also fitting a sonic device at the distillery.

Warm Space Partnership – Alastair reported that this had not been a successful project and that it was time to stop it. We could look at restarting it again in autumn if there was a need identified.

AOCB – Graham Jarvis told the meeting the Scottish Futures Trust will give a presentation at a community event in May.

David Chapman reported that Stagecoach have a new manager starting in April and he`ll be happy to attend our meetings.

James Wiseman told the meeting that he and Alastair Kennedy had attended “Cultural Quarter” consultation events recently.

There being no further business the chair closed the meeting.

Date of next meeting. Please note the next meeting will be held a week late in The Lounge, Elgin Town Hall on 18th April at 7.00 pm.