Monthly Meeting, 8th November 2023

Of a meeting held on Tuesday 8th August 2023

September 12th, 7:00PM Town Hall, Elgin

Richard Dyce, Cllr Graham Leadbitter, Neil Alexander, James Wiseman


  • Police Scotland
  • Elgin Community Centre
  • Estelle Clayton
  • Stage Coach

Alastair Kennedy called the meeting to order and welcomed all Present Actions

Police Scotland
Russell Copp & Lewis Appleton from Police Scotland presented this month’s report and answered any questions.

Elgin Community Centre
A delegation from Elgin Community Centre have come along in the hope that we will add our support to their efforts to save the Community Centre from closure. There is a wide variety of groups who use the community centre, some of whom will struggle to find new venues due to the nature of their groups.

ECC will support them where we can, There are many questions to be asked as to why such a well-used venue is to be closed.

Estelle Clayton
Estelle Clayton is an external researcher who is currently carrying out research on the Police interaction with the public. This will involve talking to the public. Focus groups – at Elgin fire station. All areas will be covered.

John Cryans & Laura Underwood have come back to update us on progress since they were last here.

  • 5 new drivers
  • 4 new drivers on training
  • 3 testing next week
  • 2 new starts next week .

However, the service still remains understaffed. There will be service revisions. The No 38 service will be renumbered. Some staff moving to other bases but hoping that Elgin will be fully covered by the end of August. John & Laura were thanked for coming back so soon and for all the work they have been doing to provide an efficient bus service in and out of Elgin.

Previous Minutes
Proposed: Graham Jarvis, Seconded: Brian Irvine

Matters Arising
The tug of war event – due to many restrictions imposed at Morriston park there is a change of venue to the Cooper Park.

No Change

Resilience group
Have applied for funding to SSEN – but due to a lack of information it is unlikely they will be accepted.

Litter High Street
Elgin BID have purchased a new machine to tackle the litter problem

To be taken on by Joint Community Councils

Royal Mail
Some areas not getting a regular delivery service for mail, if a Mail delivery person is off for any reason his/her route is not covered so they come back to a backload of mail to get out. Brian to draft a letter to Royal Mail (local office) to offer support

Just Transition
Current exercise is ongoing £50k is in the pot

Joyce & Graham – have a meeting planned at Elgin Academy Joyce & Graham

Media Group

Elected Members

  • Peter B – Mentioned updates to the call centre.
  • John D – will see what help is available for the Tug of War.
  • Amber D – Carried out a litter pick – sadly within days it was as bad again.

Graham Jarvis – despite the previous programme to remove it the giant hogweed is as bad again and needs to be addressed.

The overflow channel beside Johnstons Mill is full again and should be dealt with properly.

Further to the earlier discussion on Elgin Community Centre – Elgin Leisure Centre is to receive £6million a £2 million grant and a £4 Million loan.

Seagulls – it seems that the sonic devices have not had the desired effect on the gulls. There has been an increase in the number of dead seagulls lying on roads – environmental health should remove them.

Brian – the pavement consultation – unlikely to provide any difference.

Next Meeting

TUESDAY 12th SEPTEMBER at 7pm – Elgin Town Hall (Lounge) All Welcome