Monthly Meeting, 14th November 2023

Elgin Community Council

Minute of a meeting held on Tuesday 14th November 2023

ECC members: Alastair Kennedy, Steve Christie, Brian Irvine, David Chapman, Graham Jarvis, James Wisman, Alison Stockley, Douglas Clark, Richard Dyce 

Councillors: John Divers, Graham Leadbitter, Amber Dunbar, Sandy Keith 

In attendance:


Apologies: Joyce Bremner, Peter Bloomfield, Jeremie Fernandes , Gordon Wells

Chair Alastair Kennedy called the meeting to order and welcomed all Present

Police ScotlandNo representative Present
StagecoachNo representative Present
Matters arising from previous minutesParking – Public meeting

It was felt that there was a good response from the meeting and that it had been worthwhile.

The poll as circulated on the night will be replicated on Facebook.

The petition will not be included.

The new legislation Re parking on pavements was welcomed by all.

Just transition PB – exercise now complete, 18 awards made, organisers chose to include a number of smaller groups,
Previous MinutesProposed: Graham Jarvis,  Seconded: Brian Irvine
Transport ForumUnfortunately, none of our members had attended due to clash of date with our own meeting. Effort to be made to try and avoid future clash of datesAlastair to contact transport forum
Trains: Reduced ticket pricesDouglas had received a reply to his letter regarding the reduced ticket prices, albeit it didn’t really address the issues raised.
New cemetery – planning consultationSteve explained that he had attended the first event in New Elgin hall and that he found the plans to be well thought out. A second event is to be held on 28th November same venue 2.30 – 6.30pm
EducationGraham & Joyce are still aiming to organise a meeting with the schoolsGraham J / Joyce B
Media & engagementOngoing
Budget EngagementOngoing
ResilienceBrian outlined recent correspondence regarding the resilience group and a funding offer of £7k  that has been received from SSE. Steve is prepared to accept and officiate the payment but expressed that it would be in the RG’s best interest to set up their own bank account as soon as practically possible.
Elected membersSandy K, – generally things have been quiet of late.

Amber D, – Millbuies some urgent work is required to repair railings which had been damaged.

Graham L, – recent relaunch of Childrens Services

Ladyhill & Victoria Crescent cottages – The two cottages at Ladyhill have been leased from the trust for 25 years – will be upgraded and subsequently let as  council housing. Two cottages at Victoria crescent will also be upgraded and let.

£20 million fund – a report is due to go to committee, recommendation that a panel including community representation is formed to look at where this funding should be spent. Discussion was held regarding how much of the funding would go towards fees/staffing – could be as much as 25% – some felt this was excessive.
There being no further business Alastair closed the meeting
NEXT MEETINGTUESDAY 12th December 2023 @ 7pm