Monthly Minutes, December 14th 2021

Alastair Kennedy, Eddie Wallace, Jim Wiseman, Graham Jarvis, Paul Briggs, Richard Dyce, Steve Christie,
Councillor John Divers, Gordie Wells, David Chapman (Associate)
Douglas Clark, Councillor Graham Leadbitter, Councillor Maria McLean, Councillor Ray McLean
Councillor Frank Brown, Councillor Paula Coy, George P Littlejohn (Associate)


  1. Welcome and apologies.
  2. Tribute to George P Littlejohn – associate member. AK: GPL was our representative for all things rail linked. Unsure as to date and time of funeral. Email EW & JD for update.
  3. Minute of last meeting; Proposed GJ, Seconded GW.
  4. Matters arising.
    1. Remembrance day: GW laid wreath at Plainstones ceremony. PB laid wreath at New Elgin ceremony.
    2. Constitution: EW to sign, and forward for 3rd signature.
    3. JB to send website details to RD.
    4. Police
      1. Awaiting community safety report
      2. Norman Stevenson has left post.
  5. Constitution: See matters arising.
  6. Lighting up of Closes. SC: City Arms Close is first. Yet to have first meeting.
  7. Accounts to be signed off
    1. EW to sign off
    2. Someone needed to look at accounts; JW to ask KCR treasurer.
  8. Account No 2: AK to chase
  9. Website update: See matters arising.
  10. Development trust update
  11. Memorial to Jimmy McLean update. AK: Still trying to set up meetings between parties.
  12. City status update
    1. Commended Karen Delaney for all her hard work.
    2. JW impressed with CC ability to organise diverse group of people. Achieved in international recognition: Reported on Radio 4EB Brisbane. GW and JW would like
    3. RD surprised by general lack of Council Organisation, and documentation.
  13. Cooper Park competition
    1. JW: Winner & Runners up decided on. Young people had good ideas and communicated them vey well.
    2. Queens Canopy: LL’s plan to plant an avenue of trees along path from Grant Lodge to Deanshaugh bridge. AK: might interfere with planned Amphitheatre to side of park. ED: was unhappy with LL’s plan. SC: Shadow wound be cast over amphitheatre by avenud. JD suggested young trees in park target for vandals. PB & JW keen to look at Wards by, railway line. DC suggests visit to Cooper Park. EW offered to draw proposals. JD clear that avenue would interfere with boundary of cricket pitch. GW: plan to meet 12pm this Sunday at Bins on Cooper Park. JW good to present LL with sensible comments on people’s opinions. RD: For wetlands proposal, might be good to involve Scouts. PB: possibly involve army cadets.
  14. Money for Moray PB update
    1. AK: Deadline for applications 28th January – a fairer moray for all. JW: announced deadline on KCR.
  15. Parking in High Street. GJ: raised at JCC. Clear that this is not council issue, but a police matter. Elgin only place in Moray where you pay for parkingJD: raised with George MacDonald. JD: It is alreaty on Elgin BID agenda for this Thursday’s meeting. DC has raised it for past 8 years. JD: Bollards added to pedastrianised area. GJ: installation is 12 months away. AK Got much worse. EW suggested write to Holyrood. GJ to draft letter to MSPs. DC noted it was widespread problem, including Maryhill, e.g. Linkwood medical centre.
  16. Elected members update
    1. JD yesterday’s meeting play to take over council. 12 support 12 amendment 1 abstention. Tories want to work with, but will come forward. 5th Jan. Last council meeting April 6th. 12 weeks left of work. Moray Alliance Group.
    2. SC 2 councillors no longer live in Moray. Lots of absent councillors.
  17. Public Toilets in future – Comfort Scheme?
    1. EW has been spoken about. Piper tourism factor. Offered to update the JCC.
    2. SC in centre of Elgin. Comfort Scheme – Elgin BID. JD – still signs in shops. AK – to ask Elgin BID to attend in January.
  18. Gulls – MSP follow-up
    1. EW ECC policy on Gulls. AK – MSP GL missing. JD – Nature.Scot (licensing) tightening on position all birds, are endangered. January to confirm, nest and egg removal will be illegal if no prior preventative measures taken. AK: expense of Gull proofing a roof. JD: Costs down to roof type. EW netting works. JD: on hold until next month. JW: common good money spent on reducing Gull numbers. Planning applications have to include. DW herring gull. Nuisance. Lots of feedback. Appreciate EW efforts. AK: Suggest FaceBook campaign.
  19. AOCB. DC: Wanted to note the improved carpark resurfacing in Torriston Woods.
  20. Date of next meeting – 11th January.