Monthly Meeting, 10th May 2023

Elgin Community Council

Minute of a meeting held on Tuesday 10th May 2023


ECC members: Alastair Kennedy, Steve Christie, David Chapman, Graham Jarvis, James Wisman, Joyce Bremner, Alison Stockley, Neil Alexander, Alistair Murdoch

Councillors: John Divers, Graham Leadbitter, Amber Dunbar, Peter Bloomfield, Sandy Keith 

In attendance: James Cherry, Liz Tait, Karen Birse, Vikki Low, Carmen Gillies, John Campbell, Krystle Ross, Claire Smith, John Cryans

Press: Hazel Lawson

Apologies: Richard Dyce, Brian Irving

Chair Alastair Kennedy called the meeting to order and welcomed all Present

Police ScotlandKrystle Ross & Claire Smith from Police Scotland presented this month’s report: Over the month there had been a number of incidents dealt with Including 26 cases of vandalism, 29 assaults,16 drink/ drug drivers and an incident of domestic abuse where a woman was struck with a mobile phone.

Q. parking – continues to be an issue throughout Moray.

Q. Serious assault Elgin –  two youths have been charged.

A discussion then took place regarding youths and why they congregate in the town centre – boredom, nothing to do etc.
Police Scotland & Moray Council working in partnership to address issues
StagecoachJohn Cryans is the new area Operations Manager and has come along to introduce himself and explain how he hopes to be able to work along with us going forward. Any questions for him will be forwarded prior to meetings to facilitate responses.Q’s to be sent pre meeting
Asylum Seekers – Eight Acres HotelMembers from the Asylum Refugee Resettlement Team were in attendance to inform us as to what is happening at the Eight Acres Hotel in respect of the asylum seekers. The hotel has capacity to take no more than 50 asylum seekers and they will arrive over a 5 week period at 10 persons /week. They will range in age between 18 and 50 years. This is a Home office initiative and is overseen by the Mears group assisted by different agencies / support groups at a local level. The local group in Elgin sought permission to inform the local community as to what is happening although this may not happen in other areas. Those seeking asylum are not permitted to work and can only volunteer when the task does not diminish a job which others could do.

There was a reasonable discussion on this subject with members siting things such as the ‘bad press’ towards the hotel for cancelling bookings and still taking gym memberships from locals although they can’t use it at this time. There has been much representation towards those seeking asylum such a labelling them as criminals, however each is checked before they even arrive here.
Contact to be maintained and information shared as to what we can / can’t do to help
Previous MinutesProposed: Graham Jarvis,  Seconded: Joyce Bremner
Alastair inform those present about the recent passing of Eddie Wallace and that of Anne Glover. Both were active members of the community council; Eddie was involved in our Roads and Transport committee and was never shy to back away from a subject he was passionate about. Anne was also passionate about certain things, but her main aim was the environment – starting the Ladyhill Garden Group which still runs today.

Our Condolences to the families and friends of both.
Matters Arising

William Forbes has received a reasonable response to his letter regarding the A941 as it leaves Elgin towards Rothes.
7Battery storage – the site has been identified as that of a former lumber yard situated on the right hand side of the A941 as you leave Elgin towards Lossiemouth. It was suggested that we ask someone involved in the development to come to our next meeting to explain how these sites work.
10Duffus Road consultation – James is to look back to a previous consultation on Duffus Road to see how relevant it is to this oneJames to check previous consultation
11Clash Gour Airspace -There has been an objection from the MOD which may place the project in doubt unless a repositioning of the turbines is accepted.
12Tug of war – the event is coming to Elgin however some assurance is needed that the pitch will be reinstated to its present condition after the event, possibility that community payback could help.
13 (4)Nothing further on education – contact will be made with Elgin Academy on conclusion of the exam timetable
16Debora Duke – to contact other CC’s to establish if they would be interested in licensing trainingCCLO
17Just Transition PB – a bumper pay out of £1/2 million awarded to Moray for this round, only community groups are eligible to apply
Elected Members6 new licences issued across Moray,

39 Police positions to be lost across the North of Scotland, 5 in Moray

Town Centre Summit – positive event, the owner of Innoflate Scotland is looking to open in Elgin – may include a hotel/ spa complex.
AOCBMacMoray – great event both in terms of crowd behaviour and economy for Elgin, Positive Action Group – made a great job of keeping the site/ park tidy.

Gulls – sonic sound seems to be working – wont stop nesting only fertility of eggs.

Cooper Park pond being cleaned out
NEXT MEETINGTUESDAY 13th June 2023 @ 7pm